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From Two-Way Radio, Broadcast, Point to Point or Optical Connectivity, to radio site management, we do it all.


We offer a full service communications consultancy, from RF to Optical, site build/management to operations. Talk to us today about how we can make your life easier, for less than you think


We are approved by OfCom for design, installation and of commissioning broadcast transmission systems. We are also able to offer compliance with the new Ofcom EMF Directive, including surveys, reporting and compliance Record holding

Radio Site Management

We manage, maintain and operate radio sites both for ourselves, and for clients. We can help to obtain maximum value for your tower or roof assets, providing a comprehensive management and revenue service, even full turn-key or agency. Our tenants range from broadcasters to internet service providers, and a few others besides.

mmWave Specialists

We are specialists in emerging mmWave technology - it isn't rocket science, but its good to know you have a team on your side who understand this new way of doing things. Our team are particularly experienced in the deployment of mmWave networks to facilitate smart-city networks.

Wi-Fi Surveying, Events & Wide Area

We are one of the UK's leading supplier of vendor-independent Wi-Fi surveys both in-building & outdoors. We provide a complete service from data gathering to design & improvement/build using state of the art mobile surveying technologies & methods.

We can also design, build & implement class-leading wireless systems - fixed or temporary - for your business. We specialise in event work & we've even built full-blown Wireless Internet Service Providers.

Broadcast & Transmission Systems Engineering & Consultancy

We are experienced engineers, everything from content creation to transmission we can help. We're also OfCom 'approved' for the installation, commissioning & maintenance of FM & DAB transmission systems. We are actively involved in SSDAB deployments across the UK. We are the UK's leading broadcast engineering consultancy.

EMF & ICNIRP Compliance

OfCom EMF & ICNIRP Compliance
We are able to help. you respond to & comply with OfCom's new EMF rules, and ICNIRP exposure guidelines - in the vast majority of simple cases, this is a simple process attracting a one off small fee. We are also experts in conducting RF safety surveys before any rooftop work takes place, on behalf of builders, scaffolders & other contractors.

COMSEC Consultancy

COMSEC refers to the art & science of the prevention of unauthorized access to telecommunications traffic. We are specialists in this field & can not only show you what attackers can see, but ensure you're best placed to prevent the data getting into their hands to begin with.

Certified / Accredited MATS / EUSR Rigging & Climbing

Our climbers & riggers are certfied by EUSR in accordance with the MATS scheme enabling them to access any MATS member site subject to site provider requirements.

We offer specialise Rope Access to tower and rooftop communications sites to ISO 22846


We are installers of Starlink systems for both business & residential customers throughout the South-West of England. Where others provide merely a "bolt & pole" service we can provide advice on how to gain "static IP" functionality through our unique bridge & managed tunnel system.

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